Webinar: Photography Website SEO Thursday – September 2012

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Webinar: Photography SEO and keywords

Watch the recording of our Zenologue Inner Circle "Photography Website SEO Thursday" webinar from September 27th 2012 - with special guest Matt Hayman on keyword research and how to use article marketing to boost your SEO - this is one not to be missed!

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Photography website SEO is a topic we have to keep very much on top of if we’re to remain at the top of the search engine rankings in our local community.

Your photography SEO success depends on how you use the Google keyword research tool to find the best target keywords for your business.

Your photography SEO success depends on how you use the Google keyword research tool to find the best target keywords for your business.

To help you better manage your own search engine optimization, I host a monthly photography SEO webinar. This time I was very excited to have special guest Matt Hayman from Auronautes, an SEO firm based in the UK, join me to talk about keyword research, using a long tail keyword tool for example, as well as presenting a solid strategy to help small businesses rank higher in the search engines…

In this exciting presentation with Matt, we talked about:

  • The fundamentals of keyword research
  • How to decide on your target keywords
  • Finding the best keyword variations
  • How to use the Google keyword tool
  • The 3 key elements in a solid photography SEO strategy
  • The 1 thing you MUST do to rank higher and faster
  • And much more…

Photography SEO Webinar Recording

If you experience any problems with the video, please let me know.

I would like to give a very big “thank you” to Matt Hayman for his excellent and detailed presentation – I certainly learned a lot from it, and I hope you did too.

Thanks, as well, to everyone who attended the live webinar, and for your insightful questions.

Until next time, thanks for watching, and all the very best with your photography SEO efforts!

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