Website Slideshow Fever – Why Being Too Attached To Your Web Slide Show Could Be Hazardous To Your Photography Business


Could your website slideshow do actual harm to your photography business? An unusual question, for sure, but one that my marketing mentoring students are all too familiar with! On our weekly mastermind calls, one of the running gags refers to my collection of well-worn "website slideshow boxing gloves" - so-called because everyone knows how I feel about those generic … [Read more...]

Zenologue Simple Boxes And Buttons – Free WordPress Plugin Demo


Your photography website is the central hub of your online marketing efforts, and anything that helps to improve the conversion process of visitors into actual leads must be a good thing, right? But that can be a lot easier said, than done! One of the biggest deciding factors in whether or not a visitor raises her hand to say she's interested in what you have to say lies … [Read more...]