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"Prime Focus": The Affordable Marketing Success Group

Are you and your photography business feeling out of focus?

Create A Thriving And Profitable Photography Business With The Latest Proven Strategies To Find New Clients

Does This Sound Like YOU?

  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and "out of focus"?
  • Too much admin, and not enough time for photography?
  • Chained to your computer late at night, editing?
  • Constant headaches from balancing business and personal life?
  • Can't decide what to work on first?
  • Need someone to talk to who understands the photography business?
  • Tried everything you can think of, but it's STILL not working?

Is Growing Your Business Driving You Crazy?

Are you drowning in a storm of stress and worry?

If you answered "YES" to 3 or more of those, I'm willing to bet you're spinning your wheels trying to grow your business, but it's just not moving as fast as you'd like, and the whole thing is driving you crazy!

You're not alone!

I've heard stories just like yours from hundreds of professional photographers, all of them stuck trying to make a success from their photography.

A lot of those photographers spend many months - even years - struggling by themselves because they're convinced it should be "easy" and all they have to do is find the magic secret to make it all work...

But, instead of improving, their problems get worse every day and they fall ever further behind, often going past the point of no return, beyond which they can no longer afford to get the help they need.

Sadly, for them, it's too late!

With no resources left to hire a coach to help save their business, they're forced to quit doing what they love and go back to working for someone else.

What a tragic shame - both for the photographer and the people they could have served...

But Here's The Truth

A photography business should (and can be) much simpler to run than most photographers are experiencing. There's just no need for all the hardship we're seeing in the photography industry today, and there are no "secrets" or "magic systems" needed to make it work the way you want it to.

All it takes is a simplified and dedicated approach with proven modern marketing strategies, so you can attract the right people, connect with them in useful and meaningful ways, and then convert them into viable leads...

The "Prime Focus" Program Has ONE Purpose

To help simplify your marketing and get you back in control of your business, so you can spend more time creating the photography you love!

A Personal Note From Nigel

Photography marketing coach Nigel Merrick

More people than ever before dream of becoming a professional photographer and living life on their own terms as a successful and respected business owner in their community.

From the outside, it seems so EASY, doesn't it?

Friends and family tell you how much they love your photography and how you could "earn a great living" with your camera.

So you dip your toes in the water to see what happens - maybe you post some photographs on Facebook, and manage to get a lot of "likes" and comments, such as "you're amazing!", "I LOVE these photos!", and "what a GREAT photographer!"

Encouraged, you make the leap to become a professional photographer, full of optimism about the bright future ahead.

But it didn't turn out as expected, did it?

Or, maybe you've been in the business a while, but the decline of traditional marketing combined with the explosion of online marketing has left you feeling high and dry, facing unfair competition from every corner...

The result is the same, regardless of how you arrived here:

You feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, stuck and unable to move forward in a business that SHOULD be simple!

One photographer said failing at marketing made her "feel dumb and stupid..." and she was ready to throw in the towel! What a tragedy! To lose yet another talented photographer and deprive her future clients of the chance to have great photography created for them!

I don't believe anyone should suffer any kind of emotional turmoil in the pursuit of their passion, do you?

You should be able to follow your dreams and fulfill your creative vision without having to spend every day struggling and re-inventing your business, right?

I can't think of one reason why you can't, and I'm here to help.

Nigel Merrick

Here's What One Photographer Says About Prime Focus

Prime Focus photography mentoring member Edith Levandoski

Before working with Nigel, I had a vague idea of what SEO was and its importance, and was spending about $300 per month on Google AdWords with little to no ROI.

Once I started working with Nigel, I finally stopped doing that. When we moved from New Jersey to LA, it took only 4 weeks to get to page 2 of Google for "Professional Photographer Los Angeles", which was amazing considering the lack of work I'd done in LA, or that I'd barely written any blog posts at the time.

Now I get inquiries through Google - more than I ever got when I first started my business in NJ with no SEO knowledge, and I now consider myself to be pretty well educated on the subject of SEO and online marketing.

I believe marketing education is key to becoming a successful photographer and am very grateful that I discovered "Prime Focus". I can definitely attribute a great portion of my success to Nigel and his dedication to his members.

Edi Levandoski - Los Angeles, California

"Prime Focus" makes marketing for photographers much simpler and easier to manage, and is designed to eliminate overwhelm and set you free from the torrent of confusing and conflicting misinformation exists out there on the Internet.

Check out what we've got going on here - I know you'll LOVE the peace of mind of having an expert in your corner with you.

The Idea Behind "Prime Focus" Is A Simple One

Like most professional photographers, you probably work as a solo business owner.

You have to do EVERYTHING in your business!

  • All the marketing (Blogging, SEO, social media, email and a whole lot more)...
  • Replying to emails and answering the telephone...
  • Booking consultations...
  • Holding sales presentations...
  • Accounting...
  • Creating the photography...
  • Editing and producing the finished products...
  • Dealing with print labs...
  • Delivering the end product...
  • And a whole bunch more...

It's no wonder there's no time left to PLAN and STRATEGIZE! The result is endless days of confusion and putting out needless fires.

Have you ever tried brainstorming with yourself?

If so, you'll know it's incredibly DIFFICULT and more often than not causes real headaches, right?

"Prime Focus" aims to simplify your marketing with easy-to-follow strategies that free up more time for the really important stuff - like creating photographs for clients and spending valuable time with your family!

With "Prime Focus" you have me as your personal marketing consultant to brainstorm with on a regular basis throughout the year - someone who KNOWS what you're going through and UNDERSTANDS your objectives and how to achieve them.

Why Are Photographers Struggling And Failing?

Why are so many professional photographers failing?

Do you lie awake at night in a quiet panic, struggling to understand WHY you can't make a success from your photography business?

You create awesome photography for your clients, and you should be paid well for it, so everyone wins, right?

Really, what's so darned HARD about that?

The short answer is nothing!

Except there are two things missing from our ideal scenario:


This is where everyone trips up because I don't know a single professional photographer who got into this business purely because they LOVE marketing and sales!

When things get tough, most photographers look at what other photographers are doing, forgetting that those very same people are probably struggling too and heading for failure just as quickly!

For example, Facebook photography groups are chock FULL of people asking other photographers for advice on how to market themselves, and they get as many different answers as there are photographers to ask!

How in the world are you supposed to know who is right, and what will work for YOUR business?

It's like the blind leading the blind, but once you realize that being successful means doing things differently to the other 95%, you can make a huge transformation in your business!

We Start By Creating Your Marketing Strategy

Your photography mentoring begins with a complete marketing strategy assessment...

When you join "Prime Focus", the first thing you and I will do is get together on a 1-on-1 virtual meeting to look at the big picture of your business.

It's like looking down from 50,000 feet to get a wider view of the landscape, and we'll leave no stone unturned in the search for potential solutions.

This is as close to being in the same room together as we can get, and you can attend the meeting from your computer, by phone, or even from your smartphone or iPad.

Regular Consulting Keeps You On Track

Weekly mastermind calls help to keep you on track...

We're definitely not done after our first meeting!

Consistency and repetition are two key factors in any successful business.

  • Each week, on Wednesdays, I hold a group Q&A call for all members, where we discuss anything and everything to do with online marketing. There will usually be a specific topic for each meeting, but there's always time for other questions on any other subject that I can help you with.

I've been coaching photographers for quite a few years now, and I noticed it's very easy to overdo things in the desire to get quick results. Too much information all at once, or a demanding schedule, can quickly lead to burnout and a feeling of being overwhelmed.

To prevent that from happening, and to make sure you have time to focus on running your business, I found that weekly Q&A sessions provides the best balance of learning and implementing new strategies.

Here's What Another Photographer Says About "Prime Focus"

Prime Focus photography mentoring member Sarah Tatom

I decided today I was going to finally get my blog going and wanted to create a basic template for my portrait session posts.

I knew NOTHING about blogging and I really hate trying to write etc. but "Prime Focus" is chock full of information on how to get my blog going, it's absolutely crazy.

Nigel's 1-on-1 help is amazingly invaluable, and I'm looking forward to completely revamping my currently useless website into a client-driving machine! The bonus webinar recording on how to write a blog post with SEO in mind is worth a year's Prime Focus membership just on its own.

Sarah Tatom - Columbia, Tennessee

Join Our Private Community Of Dedicated Photographers

As a "Prime Focus" member, you also get access to our exclusive and private community of like-minded photographers on Facebook.

This alone is worth the cost of membership! Every member is a potential connection and friend, and the atmosphere in our group is upbeat, positive, and designed to foster support - Absolutely NO fighting allowed :-)

Need someone to give some educated feedback on a website or blog post?

Look no further!

Unlike other photography Facebook groups, everyone here is working toward the same goal, and is on the same wavelength with respect to marketing.

My members support each other in ways that make me very proud to have them in the group!

"Prime Focus" At A Glance

  • A kick-off 1-on-1 strategy meeting to get to know each other and create a plan...
  • Weekly group Q&A meetings...
  • Members-only community - get support, make new friends, and share ideas...
  • Access to ALL of my training materials and other resources...

Prime Focus Waiting List

The Prime Focus program is currently FULL, but I do open up 1 or 2 new spaces each week.

If you would like to be notified when a space opens up, please complete the form below.

NOTE: This information is used only to communicate with you about Prime Focus.

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Some Extra Food For Thought

Whether or not you choose to join "Prime Focus", there's something very special I want to share with you.

I Believe In You And Your Ability To Succeed

Perhaps you feel you're too new at the business, too busy trying to "get the business off the ground" to get involved with something like this, or that you're just not suited for marketing and sales. You may even feel a little apprehensive at the thought of focusing on the business and marketing side of your business, and that's understandable.

But here's the thing...

Just about every successful photographer I know felt exactly the same way when they started, but do you know why they managed to succeed?

It's because they realized that being a professional photographer is NOT the same as being an amateur who happens to get paid. They understood the need to be a marketer and seller first, and a photographer second.

I know that being a successful photographer is your dream, and it would be a privilege for me to help make that happen.

Think about this...

All of the photographs hanging on people's walls right now were created by regular people, just like you, who worked hard at their craft and found someone along the way to point them in the right direction.



If you're ready and willing to do the work, and give it your "best shot", then I'm more than ready to be your coach and guide.

Prime Focus photography mentoring member Gary Quigg

Before I joined Prime Focus I was at a point where I felt very sure of my photographic technical skills and abilities to create the images required by my clients, but was confused about where to put my energy to move my business forward in new directions.

I couldn't identify the priorities and ended up wasting a lot of time trying to do everything myself.

Like many people I was frustrated trying to find what I needed from a mountain of information on marketing, SEO and websites.

I would rather spend my spare time learning new photographic techniques than trying to keep up with the latest marketing methods, and Prime Focus keeps me up to date, without having to do all the groundwork myself.

I keep a note of topics that I want to discuss with Nigel, knowing that I will get knowledgeable answers and solid advice.

The coaching calls are always enlightening, no matter what the topic is. I look forward to talking with Nigel as he's always calm and able to help me sort through the mass of ideas whirring about in my mind and identify the importance of each one.

I'm feeling more confident with my prices and looking at my one-man business in a more professional way. I've started to expand my business and offer more services.

My previous thinking was very short-term and I hadn't put much thought into what my long-term goals were, whereas I now see more options and goals to strive for.

Thanks for putting together the Prime Focus program - it's worth every penny and more!

Gary Quigg - Belfast, Northern Ireland