Ask The Photography Coach: Referrals, Reviews, Testimonials and Photo CDs

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In this episode of "Ask The Photography Coach" I talked with a family portrait photographer about how to get great reviews and testimonials from his clients, as well as how to deal with the situation where clients want to get all the photographs on a CD to print themselves.

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Time for another episode of “Ask The Photography Coach” – this time our questions come from a family portrait photographer who wants to know the best ways to encourage clients to leave online reviews, and how to combat the scenario where someone in the family attempts to derail the sales process by asking for all the images on CD so that they can edit the photographs themselves, and make their own prints.

So how can we elicit glowing testimonials or rave reviews from our clients that we can use as social proof of our photography business?

To find out, listen to a recording from a recent “ask the photography coach” call-in day where we talked at length about testimonials and how to approach the sales process to allow us to deal with the perennial question of giving all our photographs away on CD…

Listen To The Q&A Call:

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