Professional Photographers Deserve To Succeed When They Add So Much Value To The World We Live In

What Is The Zenologue Website All About, Why Does It Exist, And Who Is Photography Coach Nigel Merrick?

Photography coach Nigel Merrick - teaching business, marketing, SEO and WordPress

Great questions, and the answers depend largely on YOU.

It's no secret that the photography business has been in a state of turmoil for quite a while now. Everything is undergoing serious and constant change, from the technology we use to how Google sees our websites and the ways in which we interact with our clients.

It's like a war out there.

So I created Zenologue as a place where we can all calm down and work at eliminating the unnecessary complexities to make our marketing simpler but more effective at the same time.

The Zenologue Photography Business & Marketing Website Was Built Upon These Important Ideals:

  • Professional photography adds enormous value and meaning to the world…
  • Creating beautiful, artistic photography - and being paid what you're worth - are NOT mutually exclusive…
  • Making a valuable and meaningful contribution to people's lives shouldn't have to be complicated…
  • Professional photographers CAN find peace of mind in their business and personal lives…

By subscribing to and reading the Zenologue website, you're helping to put a stop to the epidemic of madness that's claimed the businesses of too many talented photographers.

You want to attract the RIGHT clients, get paid what you're worth, and stop worrying about the prospect of failing at something you LOVE to do.

You're fed up with being overtaken by every new kid on the block with a camera, or feeling that marketing is just too hard and that no one will pay you for your work.

Instead, you're going to leave a positive impact on the lives of a lot of people, become a respected leader in your local photography market, and gain financial peace of mind by enhancing the lives of your clients.

To do that, we're going to use the incredible power of online marketing, in all its forms, to attract the right clients, make a meaningful connection with them, create amazing work, get paid well, and cultivate long-term relationships with the people who LOVE what you do... so that you can fulfill your purpose in life.

Zenologue is also the home of the "Prime Focus" mentoring program. The aim of "Prime Focus" is to teach solo photographers ways to create great websites that rank well in the search engines, attract their ideal clients, make meaningful connections and convert prospects into bookings and generate more sales.

If you're ready to join the cause to put "professional" back into "professional photography", then subscribe below for free updates and become a regular reader:

About Nigel Merrick

Nigel Merrick: Photographer, business coach, author, and blogger

Originally from the UK, I'm a British guy living and working in Memphis, Tennessee, and I make my living helping other professional photographers succeed in their photography business by improving their online marketing and website SEO with strategies that work AND save valuable time.

I've been involved in the photography and computing worlds for over 25 years, and I love helping photographers take advantage of online marketing to further their business…

SEO, WordPress, Social Media, Blogging, and much more - I believe the future of online marketing for the professional photographer is very bright and full of opportunity!

What Can You Expect From Me?

  • I care deeply about the future of the photography business, and I believe professional photographers have a responsibility to BE professional about what they do.
  • Nobody makes money taking photographs - but successful photographers DO make money SELLING their photography…
  • You already know how to create beautiful photography for your clients, so I am NOT going to teach anything about f-stops, lenses, cameras, or PhotoShop… But - I WILL teach you how to market your photography so that you can keep doing what YOU love to do!
  • I don't believe online marketing should be complicated! I'm here to help make it EASY for you, and I won't blind you with technical gobbledygook…

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Thanks for stopping by - there's a lot in here, so take some time to look around, and I hope you find the business peace you so richly deserve.

Nigel Merrick - Photographer, Business Coach and Blogger