How To Build A Better Photograph: Photography Business Webinar and Interview With Commercial Photographer Michael E. Stern

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Interview: Commercial photographer Michael E. Stern

Join Nigel Merrick and commercial photographer Michael E. Stern for an exciting photography business interview & webinar. Learn about the marketing, business, sales, and photography techniques needed to "build a better photograph".

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Professional photographers don’t simply grab a camera, head out the door to their latest assignment, and start shooting at random in the vague hope that they’ll get “a couple of good ones” – at least, not if they want to run a successful and profitable photography business!

Commercial photographers in particular must create their magic within a framework defined by their client, usually in the form of an art director, but that doesn’t mean the actual photography is any easier, or can be approached in a purely mechanical way.

A portrait of Roy Disney by commercial photographer Michael E. Stern.

A portrait of Roy Disney by commercial photographer Michael E. Stern. In his photography business, he approaches all of his subjects with passion and full consideration of composition, lighting, perspective and visual impact.

As commercial photographer Michael E. Stern puts it:

Great photographs are not built, not taken…

How would you like to spend some time with Michael to discover exactly what that means, and how you can apply this guiding principle to your photography business?

Here’s how…

Photography Business Principle: Build A Better Photograph

Michael’s photography business philosophy is based on the sound principles of composition, perspective, lighting, and visual impact..

By examining the nuances of his subject, and seeking new ways to portray what he sees, Michael’s creative process is designed to produce the best images possible for his clients.

Meet The Photographer

Grab yourself a coffee, and join myself and Michael for a recorded interview webinar, where you’ll learn exactly how he “Builds A Better Photograph“, and how you can apply these tips to your photography business.

In this special webinar:

  • Get to know Michael…
  • Learn how great photographs are built – not just taken…
  • Understand how to sell in the commercial world…
  • Discover the creative process behind some of his best images…
  • Ask your most pressing photography business questions…
  • and much more…

Webinar Recording

Here is the recording of our webinar for Inner Circle members. Just hit the “play” button to start the video. If you have any problems, please let me know.

Part 1 – My Itnerview With Michael

Part 2 – Michael Shares His Creative Insights

In part 2 of our webinar – Michael takes us on a creative journey through his photographic world, and shows us how he builds his photographs. From gigantic 740-people group shots to abandoned trucks and sensitive portraits, Michael takes us on a deep dive into the process.

About Michael E. Stern

Commercial photographer Michael E. Stern, and author of "Build A Better Photograph"

Commercial photographer Michael E. Stern, and author of “Build A Better Photograph”

Michael first picked up a camera at age 12 and has yet to put one down.

He is self-taught by way of a homemade darkroom and continued his photography education in Jr. and Sr. high schools, Cal State Northridge and Art Center College of Design. He earned a BFA in 1979.

During his career, Michael has owned and operated small, medium and large commercial studios in Hollywood, North Hollywood and Burbank.

He began his career shooting movie posters for agencies and multimedia productions for Star-Kist Foods. After relocating to Burbank, he began producing photographs for local and international companies specializing in van conversions, building design and construction.

Michael started working with The Walt Disney Company in 1982 and has been working with them ever since. He has also worked with Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount Studios and Sid & Marty Krofft Pictures. He photographs executives, celebrities, products and architecture. His reputation is one of quality, creativity and making the deadlines.

In 1995 he added digital imaging services and in 2000 he scanned, restored and printed 140 aviation-themed historical photographs for Disney’s California Adventure. As a digital restoration expert he continues to work on other projects for educational institutions, companies and private parties.

He is expert in scanning, retouching and printing and has taught at many educational institutions, teaching photographic theory, Photoshop, pre-press, artist business practices and operating a sole proprietorship. His first book: “Build A Better Photograph, A Disciplined Approach To Creativity”, is an informative look at his approach to maintaining a professional photography presence beyond f/stops and shutter speeds.

Michael’s webhub is, where you can find out more about this dynamic individual.

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