Photography Business Book
"How To Make Your Photography Clients
Fall In Love With You"

Client Attraction: What Makes You And Your Photography Business Unique?

By Nigel Merrick

Photography marketing ideas: How To Make Your Photography Clients Fall In Love With You by Nigel Merrick

"How To Make Your Clients
Fall In Love With You

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Can you answer "YES" to any of these questions?

  • Do you wonder why potential clients didn't hire you?
  • Are you fed up of hearing "we'll think about it"?
  • Do you think your prices scare people away?
  • Do you wish folks would just "get it"?

If so, this book is all you need to change all that TODAY!

I wrote this book after I discovered the ONE big problem holding so many photographers back…

It's actually VERY simple:

A failure to communicate the basic reasons why someone should hire you, instead of the photographer across the street!

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • First, know YOURSELF…
  • What makes YOU different?
  • How to discover your USP's
  • Communicating your USP's
  • Interest vs. Commitment
  • Starting With Why…
  • …and much more…

Stop believing the LIE that no one will hire you, or that no one wants you or your photography at any price, and discover the hidden treasure lurking within yourself that will set your photography business free!

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