Transforming Realities: An Interview With Architectural Photographer Jeffrey Jacobs

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Interview: Jeffrey Jacobs - architectural photography

Join Nigel Merrick for an exciting photography business interview & webinar with architectural photographer Jeffrey Jacobs. Learn about the marketing, business, sales, and photography techniques needed to create some of the world's most amazing architectural photography.

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Have you ever wanted an hour or so to chat with one of the world’s best professional photographers, to learn what inspires and motivates them, how they market their photography business, and what goes into creating some of their best photographs?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn from their experience, as they share the wisdom they’ve picked up over the years they’ve spent in the photography business?

One of Jeffrey Jacobs' wonderfully-lit architectural photographs of a period building near Memphis TN

One of Jeffrey Jacobs’ wonderfully-lit architectural photographs of a period building near Memphis TN

What if you could ask the photographer anything you wanted?

Well, now you can…

Transforming Realities

Architectural photography is one of those highly-specialized genres that truly inspires other photographers as well as its intended audience and market.

Far from being a purely utilitarian end-product, great architectural photography conveys emotion, drama, grandeur, and helps us to preserve for future generations the marvels of today’s amazing buildings and structures. It’s truly a shining light in the photography business of today.

It’s also one of the most challenging!

If you think lighting a bridal party at a wedding can be problematic, just try lighting up an entire building to bring out elements and facets that no one else but the architect knew were even there!

Memphis-based professional architectural photographer Jeffrey Jacobs is not only a master of realizing the vision of a building’s designer, but also in being able see in his mind’s eye the finished result. Through his painstaking and delicate approach to lighting, put together over a period of many hours, Jeffrey transforms the “reality” of what we see in normal everyday lighting into something truly magical and amazing.

What if you could spend an hour inside the mind of someone so creative?

Meet Jeffrey Jacobs

On Thursday September 6th 2012, we did just that as I interviewed him in a live photography business webinar.

In this fascinating presentation we talked about:

  • How he got started in architectural photography
  • The development of his unique style
  • Marketing and business ideas for architectural photography
  • The creative aspects behind some of his best images
  • His cameras, lenses and lighting
  • … and much more!

Webinar Recording

Here is the recording of our webinar for Inner Circle members. Just hit the “play” button to start the video. If you have any problems, please let me know.

Part 1 – My Interview With Jeffrey

In part one of our webinar, Jeffrey and I talk about his business, how he got started in architectural photography, and the philosophies that lie behind and define his distinctive style.

Our webinar continues in part two…

Part 2 – Jeffrey Talks About His Photography

In part two we switch places, and Jeffrey shows us what goes into the creation of some of his best images – the lighting, preparation, attention to detail, his equipment etc. Along the way, we take some great questions from the audience too.

About Jeffrey Jacobs

Architectural photographer Jeffrey Jacobs

Architectural photographer Jeffrey Jacobs

Spanning more than 29 years, Jeffrey Jacobs’ career has focused exclusively on high-end architecture, architectural product and hospitality/resort photography for the past 20 years. From large-scale projects to small intimate spaces, Jacobs’ artfully detailed and masterfully crafted three-dimensional lighting techniques are recognized nationally and internationally.

Jacobs’ extensive experience includes all types of image production, from “bubble gum to Mack Trucks”, including food, large studio and elaborate location productions in addition to numerous television, music video and documentary motion picture presentations. In the early to mid-1980s, his responsibilities included Lighting Director, Gaffer, Best Boy Electric and Key Grip on several regional and local television commercials.

This extensive production experience has given Jacobs a unique insight into every aspect of image production, both still and motion, and enables him to explore the full range of possibilities ultimately bringing his or his clients’ vision to reality. He consistently provides his clients with unique and often unprecedented results using lighting approaches rarely considered or attempted by other professionals. He also knows when natural light and simple are the best choice.