Photographer Interview: Robin Owen On Boudoir Photography

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Interview: Boudoir photographer Robin Owen

Check out the latest Inner Circle photographer interview with boudoir photographer Robin Owen. She talks with me about posing, lighting, marketing, and the business of boudoir photography, and then takes us on a tour of some of her photographs to give us some great insights into her creative process, as well as answering questions from our audience.

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Photographer interview with boudoir photographer Robin Owen, who talks with us about her business, marketing, and the creative process behind some of her boudoir photographs…

Photographer interview with boudoir photographer Robin Owen, who talks with us about her business, marketing, and the creative process behind some of her boudoir photographs…

Boudoir photography is an exciting genre that’s seen something of a renaissance in recent years, becoming very popular among seasoned photographers and new professionals alike, and I was very pleased with the chance to talk to boudoir photographer Robin Owen in my latest photographer interview.

Robin is from the Washington DC area, and has made boudoir photography her main specialty, while also working as a portrait and wedding photographer.

Learn more about Robin’s continuing journey in the world of boudoir photography in this fascinating interview…

Photographer Interview Part 1

In part one of this informative and entertaining photographer interview, I talked with Robin about her boudoir photography career, how she got started, and many aspects of the boudoir photography business.

For example:

  • Her biggest challenges when she started out…
  • The most common business mistakes made by photographers trying to move into boudoir photography…
  • How to deal with cultural issues that surround boudoir photography…
  • Are male photographers at a disadvantage?
  • The challenges in displaying work online…
  • A look into the overall sales process…
  • Advice on pricing strategies…
  • How to make the best out of a given scene…

Robin also did a great job of answering a wide variety of questions from the audience on the business of boudoir photography.

To watch the video, just hit the play button below:

Video length approx. 49 mins.

As Robin mentioned in our interview, one of the best resources she found about posing when she started out in the boudoir photography business was Jeff Smith’s great book on posing for the photographer, which you can find on Amazon. Highly recommended to anyone shooting portraits:

Posing for Portrait Photography: A Head-to-Toe Guide for Digital Photographers by Jeff Smith

Aiming to help portrait photographers yield pleasing results with a variety of body types, this tutorial evaluates the subject's appearance and suggests refining poses, providing tips to make sure each subject ends up with satisfying results.

Using before-and-after photos and working through every region of the body, from the head to the feet, acclaimed professional instructor Jeff Smith demonstrates simple posing adjustments and explains how various positions can conceal problem areas and maximize positive assets.

Also covered are common mistakes that photographers make when posing their subjects, how to best match poses with a setting, and coordinating an overall feeling and style that makes every client look outstanding. An included 70-minute DVD, which features an abridged narrative and hundreds of photos from the print book, makes learning effortless and interesting.

Photographer Interview Part 2

In part two of our photographer interview we really dive into the details of some of Robin’s favorite boudoir-style photographs to gain some cool insights into her creative process, and way of seeing:

Video length approx. 52 mins.

About Boudoir Photographer Robin Owen

Robin’s boudoir images are highly sought after by a discerning clientele that includes athletes, politicians, and leading business professionals in the Washington DC area and beyond. She is also a well known seminar instructor, teaching boudoir photography around the country to aspiring photographers.

Robin wrote the highly acclaimed Boudoir Flow Posing Guide that makes boudoir posing effortless for photographers. You can learn more about Robin from her website: Robin Owen Photography.

Thoughts, Comments, or Questions?

Take a moment to share your thoughts on the interview, or any questions you might have for Robin about her photography, and we’ll answer as many as we can.

See also Robin’s guest article called “Boudoir Photography: Finding The Perfect Portrait Background“.

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