How To Get More Photography Clients By Using Blogging As A Strategic Marketing Tool

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Article Summary

How to get more photography clients

Discover how to get more photography clients by using your blog as a powerful marketing tool, but watch out for the one big mistake photographers are making with their blogs...

How to get more photography clients by using blogging as a strategic marketing tool

How to get more photography clients by using blogging as a strategic marketing tool to provide genuine value to your prospects.

So you made the wise decision to start your own photography blog, you’ve published your first post, but now you’re left wondering how to get more photography clients by putting your blog to work as part of your overall photography marketing strategy.

After all, it has to start pulling its weight and making a valuable contribution to your bottom line, right?

But feeling unsure about your blog’s ability to attract new clients is not uncommon.

For example, once the thrill of that first post wears off, many photographers start to feel a little uneasy, with a bunch of worrisome questions popping up in their head:

  • What do I do now?
  • Will anyone read this?
  • How can I get more people to share my posts?
  • What on Earth am I going to write about next?
  • Will this blogging thing actually work and is it worth it?

This is all perfectly normal – just about every photographer I know has felt the same way – but these questions don’t usually turn out to be as big of an issue as they might seem at first, especially if the photographer understands the fundamental reasons why their blog exists and its function within their business.

However, that still leaves the big question of how to get more photography clients through blogging, to expand your customer base.

Let’s see if we can get some answers to that one…

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, I want to point out that the strategies and tips in here won’t help you get “cheap clients” who only care about finding the lowest prices. On the other hand, if you want to work with people who appreciate quality photography and place a high monetary value on your work, then these marketing ideas are perfect for you.

So let’s dive in…

How To Get More Photography Clients By Blogging

The most common response by photographers to my suggestion that blogging will really help their business thrive is, “I can’t write and I’ll soon run out of ideas.” But, that’s nothing more than a blogging myth, and you can read about the rest of them in this article:The Top 7 Myths That Keep You Struggling With Your Photography Blog

However, this article isn’t aimed at getting you to start blogging (you should already be doing that!). No, this is about how to get more photography clients for your business by putting blogging to good use as a marketing tool.

5 Ways Blogging Can Bring You More Business

But first, how does it all work?

I mean, how can blogging actually bring you new business in the form of more photography clients?

Blogging as a client attraction strategy works in 5 major ways:

  • Posts showing up in the search engine results…
  • Social media sharing…
  • Word of mouth…
  • Direct marketing…
  • Email marketing…

There are probably more, but these are the top 5, and the ones you should focus on the most.

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#1: Show Up In The Search Engines!

How to get more photography clients by using SEO naturally as part of your content marketing...

How to get more photography clients by using SEO naturally as part of your content marketing…

This first one is pretty obvious, but it’s also the most misused and abused method out there. For some reason, it’s also the one most photographers seem to be scared to death of!

Yes, I’m talking about good old SEO (search engine optimization) and, before you go to sleep or skip this whole section, let me make one point very clear:

SEO is NOT something you should think of as doing TO your content after you’ve created it! When done the right way, search engine optimization is something that happens as a natural by-product of your content creation, and Google will love and reward you for it!

There’s no reason on the planet why SEO has to be so hard that photographers can’t bake it into their normal blogging process, yet it seems to cause so many hang-ups. This usually happens when people try to outthink SEO or over-complicate it for no reason other than they (mistakenly) believe it should be complicated.

If you’re struggling with SEO and want a personal primer on the topic then get in touch with me, and maybe we can spend some time together where I can show you how easy it can be to work SEO naturally into your blogging routine.

#2: Get Shared Far And Wide Via Social Media

Social media sharing is becoming one of the most effective means of attracting new people to your website and photography blog.

To that end, make sure you have the appropriate social sharing buttons installed on your blog posts so that your visitors can easily share your content with their friends and contacts.

“Appropriate” is a key word here!

This is the time to think about where your ideal clients hang out online. Are they mainly on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Twitter? The answer will vary tremendously from photographer to photographer.

The main point is to limit the sharing options to the ones your clients actually use, with the exception of Google+, which is fast becoming essential!

Of course, just adding the share buttons to your page will not guarantee that your latest post will go viral! It has to be worth sharing to begin with, of course, and you have to ask your visitors to share it via some call to action.

Even then, don’t expect more than a handful of visitors to share your content, as most of them will just read and move on.

Take yourself as an example. Are you going to share this particular post? If not, no hard feelings, but that’s probably how most of your readers will behave too.

Of course, don’t rely only on your clients to share your content across social networks – make sure you share it yourself too!

#3: Make Your Clients Rave About You

Nurturing clients who love you isn’t (and shouldn’t) be a secret, although too many photographers appear to think it is!

It’s quite simple really – give your clients the absolute best experience they can have with you. Treat them like Royalty, and pull out all the stops for them at every step in the process.

It’s simple, really:

A positive experience at each point of contact = thrilled clients.

Thrilled and happy clients want to talk about you.

Give them something to talk about,such as a well thought-out blog post about their session (hint: not just a bunch of photos), and they’ll be chomping at the bit to send people to you.

And don’t forget to thank and acknowledge them at every opportunity too. Here’s a useful article on how to write a thank you email that underscores just how important this step is.

#4: Build It – Then Tell Them It’s Built!

There’s no point writing a blog post and then expecting it to go viral in some magical way.

It simply won’t happen.

Instead, you need to tell people it’s out there waiting for them, and the best way to do that is by direct marketing to your email list; you are building a list of email, right?

(See “Newsletter Love: Romance Your Photography Clients With Email Marketing“).

By letting your subscribers know there’s a new article for them to see, you’ll get them to return to your website again and again, ultimately completing the goal of converting some of them into paying clients.

#5: Use The Super-Power Of Autoresponders!

Most photographers aren’t making use of email marketing’s most useful secret weapon: The autoresponder!

This is therefore a great opportunity for you to stand out.

Sometimes referred to as “follow-up emails”, autoresponders are a great vehicle to get your blog content in front of as many of your email subscribers as possible, especially those who happen not to have seen your blog articles when they were first published, before they joined your email list.

Autoresponders are ideal for “evergreen” content, which is usually not time-sensitive or concerned with a specific time or season. For example, don’t add blog posts that give sneak peeks of sessions, have special offers or seasonal promotions to your autoresponder sequences.

Instead, use autoresponders to send out articles that are useful regardless of the time they’re received.

For example, “how to…” and general information articles work very well for these, as do articles that guide the reader through your sales funnel to fulfill the goal of hiring you.

How To Get More Photography Clients: Anticipate Their Needs

Now we know the major ways that people will get to see your blog content, we can give a more detailed answer to our original question of how to get more photography clients by blogging.

This could be the single most important piece of information you learn this week, so don’t skip this!

There’s certainly no shortage of ideas for blog posts and articles, some more useful at attracting visitors than others, but the one strategy that seems to work more effectively than any other for today’s small business owner is to become an indispensable go-to resource for your target market.

What does that mean?

How to get more photography clients by making your blog THE place to go for valuable help...

How to get more photography clients by making your blog THE place to go for valuable help…

Simply put, you position your blog in your local market as the place to go to when someone has a question related to the type of work you do.

For example, consider an anxious first-time mom thinking of having her baby photographed. She may be worried about how to prepare herself and the baby for a portrait session, concerned what might happen in the toilet department, or just nervous about the whole process.

What kinds of questions might she have in her mind?

Your job, as her ideal photographer, is to answer those questions, which you can do very easily through the process of content marketing on your blog.

What’s content marketing?

Essentially, content marketing is a means of engaging your target market in a conversation that actually helps them by offering useful information, while at the same time raising their awareness of your brand in their mind.

Authority: Become A Smarter Content MarketerBy the way, the undisputed experts at content marketing are the great folks from Copyblogger, and I strongly recommend you become a member of their “Authority” program if you want to learn everything there is to know about how to influence your readers and prospects with valuable content.

I’ve been a member myself since the program started, and have already learned a great deal from them – you can discover more about that by clicking the graphic on the left.

Moving on, here’s what to do:

  • Compile a list of every question anyone ever asked you about your business or what you do…
  • Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question…
  • Write a blog article that answers each question individually…
  • Create an index page with links to each of the answer posts…
  • Share your new content on social media…
  • Include a link to the index (or specific answers) in replies to email queries…
  • If someone asks a similar question on Facebook, for example, you can post a link to the answer in your comment…
  • Make sure that other related local businesses, who serve your target market, are aware of the resources you’ve created…

The ONE Mistake That Will Render All Of This Pointless!

When you write your answer posts, don’t make the same gigantic mistake that countless photographers are making everywhere – if you do, it will make the whole exercise a waste of time!

Whatever you do, don’t just leave your FAQ posts open-ended, or rely purely on chance that the reader will be so enthralled they’ll just get in touch with you of their own accord.

Instead, you must make a very clear and appealing call to action that will capitalize on the momentum you created in the post, and get the reader to take the next step toward becoming a potential client.

The normal method is to get them to sign up for your email list in exchange for a valuable piece of content, such as a PDF or video with more information about the topic. You can then follow up with them further via email and through an autoresponder campaign, eventually leading to a phone call or face to face consultation.

But, if you miss out this step, you might as well not bother with the rest of it.

What Next?

Content marketing through your blog can really help you get more photography clients, but it can be a challenge. If you really want to turn your blog into a resource so valuable and useful that people fall in love with your business, then do yourself a favor and take a short cut by joining Copyblogger’s “Authority” content marketing program.

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Tired of waiting for Google to send you visitors?
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