If Being A Professional Photographer Is Meant To Be Easy, Why Does Photography Marketing Feel So Difficult?

Welcome Fellow Professional Photographer!

Photography Marketing Coach Nigel Merrick - helping you simplify your photography business

Does fighting to make your photography marketing work leave you feeling as if your brain will explode?

You’re not alone!

Countless other professional photographers struggle every day to get people interested in their work…

Everywhere you look, photographers’ websites show off their very best photography, with slick designs and slideshows so cool that no one should be able to resist them.

But – in most cases – it just doesn’t work, and running a photography business ends up feeling like a huge waste of time!


Effective Photography Marketing Needs THREE Simple Things

I understand what you’re trying to do with your photography business: All you want is to create beautiful photography for clients who value what you do.

But that will NEVER happen until your prospects understand three simple things:

  • Who you are as a professional photographer…
  • Why you do what you do…
  • Why they should hire you instead of another photographer who’ll do it all, and more, for a fraction of what you charge…

These three factors lie at the core of all you say and do when marketing your photography to attract the right people (marketing is not about using a machine-gun approach, but about targeting your ideal clients in ways they can personally identify with).

That’s why Zenologue exists – to help you create real meaning for your photography business, overcome the frustration, and simplify your photography marketing to win the war against the cheap photographer who’s only goal is to sink your photography business.

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Nigel Merrick

Nigel Merrick
Photography Marketing Consultant